be devoted primarily to representing clients in domestic matters.  He has represented hundreds of clients with domestic issues ranging from simple divorce to complex custody, alimony and equitable distribution matters.

If you are an attorney and need an experienced mediator to mediate any of your pending domestic matters, or if you are going through a separation and divorce and would like to voluntarily submit your matter t mediation prior to filing a lawsuit, John Dunlow is available to mediate your issues.  To schedule a mediation session, e-mail John Dunlow or phone (919) 725-9161.

Mediation Services

In a relatively short period of time, mediation has become the preferred method of alternative dispute resolution in family law cases.  While mediation is required in only certain types of cases, it is quite common for all issues pending in a domestic case to be submitted to mediation prior to trial.  Because mediation is such an integral part of a domestic case, it is extremely important to have a knowledgeable and experienced mediator to conduct the mediation session.

John M. Dunlow is a DRC certified family financial mediator, and has the knowledge and experience to help the parties to domestic litigation work through their complex emotional and financial issues to find common ground.  John Dunlow has been practicing law in Granville County, North Carolina since 1994.  His practice has, and continues to

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